We’re looking for IGDB gaming blog contributors!

Do you have a passion for gaming and would like to express your opinion? Then we want you to join us! We are looking for gaming blog contributors who enjoy writing articles or making awesome media. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or just a hobbyist wanting to write about your favorite video game! We welcome it all!

gaming blog contributors - IGDB needs you!

IGDB wants you!

IGDB wants to work more with people who share the same passion. From interesting new indie games and top lists, to favorite moments in video game history and behind the scenes from a company or event, everything is interesting to us! The kind of content can vary, from opinion pieces to interviews. You will get access to our platform, along with support from the rest of the IGDB community! We both have a very friendly and active discord channel, along with a support email that you can use to reach us quickly! Your work will not only be credited on our blog, but also on all of our Social Media platforms. This is also something you can add to your résumé if you so wish.

We stand by the phrase “No games left behind”, which follows our database goal of collecting as much information about gaming in one place, and that’s something we can’t do without you! Together we can create an amazing community with gaming blog contributors who just want to share the love for the industry!

A mini guide:

  • We want your content and not from someone / somewhere else! So please make it original!
  • All posts must be video game related.
  • Please make sure to check your grammar!
  • Critical opinions are fine, but we don’t want any pure hate!
  • Blog posts can be short or long, that’s up to you.

Contact us with your ideas / thoughts and we will get back to you shortly!

We’re not just looking for gaming blog contributors, but also for contributors to our social media (artwork, gifs, videos, etc.) so if you want to do that rather than writing, that’s fine as well!

Please note that the contributions are unpaid.