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E3 in numbers

E3 in numbers

The Alternative E3 in Numbers

Another year, another round of triumphs, elated reactions, cringe inducing stage performances and jaw dropping reveals.

Whatever your take on the state of the industry, the one thing we can all agree on is the fact that the cold war is heating up between the console makers and their increasingly rabid fan bases. Whilst all talk centres around the big two and Microsoft (badum tish), we at IGDB sift through the announcements to unearth some of the key figures that may have slipped through the cracks.

E3 in numbersCommodity Central

There were thirteen remakes, reboots, reissues or whatever new term has been coined by the industry to peddle it’s old wares as shiny new goods. A lucky omen for those fans of franchises pining for revamped releases (cough…Resident Evil 2) and an unhealthy union for those who insist the industry continues to stagnate and thrives on recycling old content.

That argument may not necessarily hold water with fourteen new IPs seeing the light of day at this years conference including Remedy’s Control, Generation Zero from Avalanche Studios and a couple of intriguing new reveals out of From Software.

IGDB control
Remedy Entertainment wowed the crowd with a brand new IP reveal

Royale Flush

The flurry of new Battle Royale games we were expecting following the seismic impacts of both Fortnite and PUBG never really materialised. With Fear The Wolves from Focus Home Interactive, Battlefield V and Mavericks: Proving Grounds the only new additions to the hugely popular genre.

Fear the Wolves from Vostok Games aims to set the bar high to the competition

The VR fervour of the past few E3s whilst a little more muted, showed no signs of slowing down with twenty-three titles revealed — most notably the Elijah Wood fronted project Transference and From Softwares first foray into the platform Déraciné.




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