Switching mid-air

Nintendo switch on a plane

I’m not usually the kind of person who needs arguments to buy (more) video games, as proven by the drawers full of controllers and old systems i have, yet the impending doom of near 30 hours worth of long haul flight made me tip the scale and grab a Nintendo Switch…

When the Switch was announced i remember being confused at the trailer thinking “who is this for?!” Nintendo’s then promise of gaming on the go with a full home console in your pocket sounded just too suspicious to be true. Yet another gimmick that wouldn’t suit me i thought.. (I was a pretty displeased Wii U owner you see.) I semi-reluctantly bought a Switch before a very lengthy trip to see if my original thoughts could be proven wrong.

Nintendo Switch on a planeWell.. this is comfortable.

Most of my gaming on the go until then done was done via an aging Vita (RIP) which for me was hard to top: From jacket pocket to in-game within 10 seconds, i always think the Vita doesn’t get the praise it deserves. But then i realized: The Switch did exactly what my loved Vita did but in a much bigger scale. I sat down on the plane, and for the following 13 hours i was solving murder cases in 1940s L.A just as comfortably as i would be in my living room! It’s a pleasant surprise when the promise delivers exactly as advertised. I armed myself with a power bank for extra battery and my trusty noise cancelling headphones, and i was good to go. The whole experience was pretty seamless and straightforward, simple as that.

Taking a look at the current catalog on the Switch is quite something. So many amazing titles that fits this portability perfectly. Back near the release we had already knew how much well off the Switch was going to be compared to the Wii U, but nonetheless.. well done Nintendo!

I have the whole of Oxenfree to play through my entire journey back, bring it on ????


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