What makes a good party game? The guys behind Scrap Galaxy knows!

ScrapGalaxy - great couch co-op!

Please introduce Catalope Games to us!
Catalope Games is a small game studio in Linköping, Sweden, dedicated to making cute and fun party games. It was founded by me in April 2017.

Tell us a bit about how you got started?
Scrap Galaxy started as a little prototype I developed during a few weeks the summer 2014. I showcased it at Närcon Summer that year and a lot of people really liked it. People asked me several times where one could buy it although it was just a crude prototype. I also send this prototype in to a game competition in Linköping called LiU Game Awards. It won first place! After that I decided to release it as a real commercial game. What I did after that is something called #1GAM, for one year I created one game per month. I did this to learn how to develop games, since the prototype for Scrap Galaxy had some architecture problems in it. After that I continued to develop it and now at 1st December Scrap Galaxy will be released on Steam!

Tell us about Scrap Galaxy!

Scrap Galaxy is a local build-and-destroy deathmatch game for up to 4 players. It is a 2D top-down shooter taking place out in space in a galactic junkyard. In this setting, the players constructing space ships and fighting with them. Either against each other or together against the AI.

The team behind Scrap Galaxy is me doing game design, programming and project lead. Connor O.R.T. Linning from Canada makes the soundtrack, we have worked together on a few other projects as well. Markku Kankaanniemi, Linus Asplund and Frej Rokka makes the awesome art. And last but not least Spearhead Nordic is helping out with marketing.

Did you release any other games before Scrap Galaxy?
I’ve actually developed over 35 other games. Everything from Chess Garden VR for Samsung Galaxy GearVR which is out on the Oculus store to small game jam games. One of the fun projects I’ve worked on is Road Doctor 2060. It is a VR game developed under 40 hours where you are a doctor on a motorcycle – a voice activated motorcycle. You need to make motor sounds and lean to turn and avoid traffic. I won second place at the game jam we participated in! Scrap Galaxy will be the first commercial game that Catalope Games is involved in.

What’s next in store for you?
I want to see how the PC release of Scrap Galaxy goes and then eventually bring it to consoles. After Scrap Galaxy I have a lot of different prototypes in the freezer. One of them is Skeletal Dance Simulator – a game about a fox necromancer hosting a dance party for her skeletons.

Do you have a dream project? 
I do not have a large ultimate game project but several smaller ones. My dream is to be able to create each one of them and release under the Catalope Games label.

Just for fun, what’s your favourite games? 
I really like Supreme Commander. It is an sci-fi RTS game taking place on an epic scale where you fight with gigantic battle mechs, tanks and nukes. Lately I’ve also been playing some Battlerite.

Do you have a message to the readers?
It is cold outside during the winter. Better stay inside, drinking tea and play comfy games.

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Scrap Galaxy will be released on December 1st / 2017!
Check out Scrap Galaxy on Scrap Galaxy

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