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Anata no Warehouse (Your Warehouse)

anata no warehouse

If you’ve been in Tokyo, did you ever visit Kawasaki? It’s the 9th most populated city in Japan and one of the main cities forming the Greater Tokyo Area and Keihin Industrial Area. Still, not a lot of foreigners knows about the place. We didn’t know a lot about this city either… except for one thing. If you leave the station and keep walking for 10 ten minutes, you will end up seeing something extremely cool. Amongst skyscrapers and other really tall buildings there’s this old looking structure called “Anata no Warehouse”. You can see it from far away as it stands out like a sore thumb. But that is the point about the whole place. “Your Warehouse” is made up to look like a mix of the old Hong Kong together with an unknown dystopia. The door opens by itself and you’ll end up walking into a dark, mysterious place with broken posters on the walls and dusty elevators. You can also take the escalator to any of the four floors. Since it’s an arcade, you have everything from ufo-catchers and dancing games, to dart, casino slots and 4D pods. Even the inside is decorated and there are quite a few things to look at. After wasting your coins on Dance Dance Revolution or Purikura, you can buy a drink or an ice-cream (even the machines looks old and abandoned) and sit down to read an old magazine about game consoles. Another thing you can do is to watch music videos with bands that recorded their stuff right where you’re sitting. Even though it takes 45 minutes to get to Kawasaki from Shinjuku, it’s worth a visit. Just remember that you have to be 18+ to get inside.














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