Once upon time, there was an island created by man during the Edo-era, to protect the capital of Japan of possible attacks. Today, it’s protected by Gundam and known as the part of Tokyo that will take your breathe away; Welcome to Odaiba.

Not too long ago, Odaiba was chosen to become the futuristic and extravagant part of Tokyo. Years of planning resulted in three decades of constructing. Now, we are standing on several islands joined into one.
Urban shopping malls are surrounded by glorious buildings and exciting venues such as the Toyota centre, National Museum of Emerging Science, Fuji TV Building and of course our gamer-heaven; Joypolis. It’s connected to the mainland of Tokyo by the famous Rainbow Bridge, however you will easily access it by train.

Yesterday, IGDB took a trip to discover the thrills of this part of the town. Our mission was to explore the world-known Joypolis and tell you all everything that you need to know before going.

Before entering Joypolis, we recommend you going to the third floor in the same building. Here you can find a really cool and unique arcade with lots of old games and toys. There’s something special and corky in every corner, making it a mysterious place with lots of character and history.

As you enter Joypolis, there are women dressed in futuristic uniforms, that welcomes you into the world of SEGA-gaming. Instantly, your mind is overwhelmed and filled with excitement. To get inside there’s a fee, unless you’ll get the day or night-passport that will let you stay as long as you wish for and ride as many attractions you want.

* Hot tip: If you’re a tourist, show them your real passport for a pass-discount of 300yen.

The entry of this venue will make you feel like you’re entering the 2080s mixed with the soundtracks of games you’ve known for years. As soon as you enter you’ll be surrounded by the colours, sounds, arcades and attractions. Floor after floor, each offering their own unique atmosphere.

There is a theme running through the world of Joypolis, which makes you feel and understand the cleverness of chosen games and attractions at this venue. It’s Sonic the Hedgehog. The rides and arcade games focus a lot on speed, but if you’re not a fan of that – we got your back!
We will guide you through some rides suitable for most explorers out there!

There are a lot of rides there not related to any games, but more so to anime and / or bands and singers. But then there’s the rides dedicated to video games, like the Biohazard – Resident Evil 7 experience. As a group we went with a guide into the house, and the adventure began. Directly we had to vote and make fast and hard decisions. Would we, could we, should we? Each decision came with a consequence. However, there aren’t any restarts in this game, so if you fail, you’re dead.

If interested you can also find Phoenix Wright Ace, dedicated to Ace Attorney , as well as several different VR games.

We would recommend this place for a daily trip or an evening out. As it got everything needed for us gamers. If you’re planning on visiting Odaiba, we do advise you that you’ll dedicate a whole day for it.


Joypolis / Odaiba (10AM – 10PM)

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