Introducing Akihabara

Today we took a trip to Akihabara, the best place for nerdy minds. This place serves you with everything from electronics to games and anime. Just hop on the train (Yamanote or Chuo) and pass through the “Electric Town” exit to reach this exciting destination. The sounds of female idols singing or anime characters greetings, echoes on the big screens. This is where the adventure begins.
( Akihabara – Electric Town Exit )
High buildings are covered by massive posters, advertising the latest games and shows. Game stations are cleverly displayed, lighting up their spot with colours and loud sounds. Here, Sega has three big arcades, one being slightly different from the other. Many floors are first filled with ufo-catchers, luring people into trying their luck so that they can win something with a character from a franchise of their choice. If you keep going upstairs, you will most likely come across a group of people practicing their favourite games. To some, it’s all for fun, and to others it’s a very serious matter.
( Project Diva: Hatsune Miku )
( A new, funny version of Pikachu )
( A Japanese man being very into his game )
Continuing down the busy street, we soon stumbled upon a special department store (5 floors and counting) filled with merchandise related to the geeky culture. Do you have a game that you love and would like to buy a statue or other form of souvenir? No problem! This store can offer you something extra. Be thorough while searching through the shelves. You might find a completely new statue hiding in a slightly broken box. If you don’t care about packaging, you can have a lucky moment and get amazing figures and goods for a ridiculously low price.
( Lara Croft – Rise of the Tomb Raider statue )
( Super Mario! )
( Godzilla in all his glory )
If you’re a gamer, you’ve surely heard of “Super Potato”. It’s a place where the time has been still for quite a while, selling video games for every console made, all in alphabetical order. Walls are covered in posters and stickers such as Super Mario and Kirby. You can hear 8-bit music coming from each floor, giving you that familiar and warm feeling. Some things are so rare that they aren’t for sale. However, just looking at them will make you feel nostalgic. On the top floor you can try out a really old arcade game, or buy some candy for your next trip.
( Outside Super Potato )
( Floor guide )
( Yoshi is hanging out )

Visiting Super Potato felt like a thrilling blast from the past. The fact that these old items still exists is fascinating and a must-see for true gamers. If you only have time to visit one place in Akihabara, this is that one place. It’s worth all your time (and perhaps some of your money).

It’s hard to see everything at once and we probably missed a lot of treasures in the ocean of this mecca. Since it can be quite overwhelming, we suggest that you get one of the free maps that shows where all the shops are. If you’re not looking for anything in particular, just roam around and enjoy yourself. You’ll never know what you’ll find!

The last thing we visited before leaving Akihabara was the Square Enix Café. It was such a fun and exciting experience that we decided to give it a full post that will be uploaded tomorrow. Stay tuned for that!

Super Potato (11AM – 8PM)

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