On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer. – Satoru Iwata

My name is Maddie, but the crew calls me  the Maddinator. Some of you might know me as the Content Specialist and Social Media Manager at IGDB. I’m also a gamer with a huge interest for Japan. Having lived in Tokyo for 5+ years, it was a dream for me to use what I know about the culture and language, and combine it with my work and passion for video games. Now, this dream is turning into a reality. Yesterday, I landed safely at Narita Airport while a typhoon called Talim was causing havoc in the country. With me, I have two co-workers (Mimi & Åsa) who are also fluent in Japanese and gamers at heart. Together, we’re the female PR squad who will represent the company at Tokyo Game Show 2017. However, that’s not all. We will also blog about our experiences, give out tips and tricks, as well as guidance for curious gamers who’d like to experience this unique wonderland one day.

(From left to right: Mimi, Åsa & Maddie)

To prepare for TGS we decided to stay in Nakano, a place filled with a lot of nostalgia and other kinds of curiosities. Here you can find everything from old statues to rare collectibles, a perfect place for a nerd to start his journey. A walk through Nakano Broadway will turn back the clock quite a few years and gives your inner child a reason to appear.

Each floor offers you a variety of shops and restaurants. Take your time and you may find a video game gem or two hidden in the shelves between the clothes and the anime goods.

( Super Mario Bros. 3 Walkie Talkie )
( Awesome The Witcher T-shirt! )
( One shop had a lot of Fallout loot. )

Nakano Broadway has a lot to offer and we will show you more of it in the near future. Stay tuned for more! However, before ending this introduction post we recommend another place just four stations away from Nakano. In Kichijouji there’s a famous department store called LoFt. Take the escalator downstairs and you’ll find a hidden treasure owned by Capcom called Capcom Plaza. It’s a colourful and lively large space filled with games, ufo-catchers and a Gundam inspired 4D capsule.

( Luigi Mansion Arcade )

Did you know: There are Japanese people who spends hundreds of hours at the arcade playing one game until they can master it. Some of them practice to get the highest high score, while others strive to become skilled in something they love.

This post is a bit short since this is our first real day. But please stay updated because we’re bringing you along with us on this gamer’s guide through Tokyo.

日本へようこそ! (Welcome to Japan!)

Nakano Broadway (11AM – 8PM)

Capcom Plaza in LoFt / Kichijouji (10AM – 12:50PM)

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