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Project Update – The Big 40, Badges, Multiplayer Modes

At HQ, work continues to create the biggest and best video games database. With vacation time due, I thought we’d have a little round-up of our progress in the last couple of months.

News App

Our first Android App came out of beta and although the initial release was a little rocky, the bugs were bashed and it now serves as a beautiful gateway to “Pulse” our news aggregating system complete with video playback, bookmarking and personalisation. It’s one of the best if not THE best video game news apps on the play store.

The iOS version has now reached closed beta and we are accepting testers. If you would like to test it out, send us a message and be sure to include your apple ID (email) somewhere in the message.

iOS Screenshot

Our app team will return in August to begin planning further updates and start planning our next app!


We’ve finally added achievements for all members of our community. Your actions around the site can unlock juicy, sweet badges which you can brag about. Plenty more will be added as time goes on. Check out this guy for example: – dude basically lives for these badges. I salute him.

Multiplayer Modes

We have had multiplayer modes on our backlog for a long time and finally they have arrived. Instead of just seeing if a game has multiplayer, you can drill down and see exactly what kind of multiplayer it has. Maximum players, offline or online etc.

The Big 40

On Thursday the 30th of June at 4:34pm, we achieved 40,000 unique titles. A major landmark. As the database grows outwards, we must also grow upwards bringing new data types and feature opportunities for users and the community. Since this is a core focus of ours, we are making good progress.

If you haven’t already, join us on discord!

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