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E3 2017 – Nintendo Spotlight List of games

Want to know what games Nintendo announced? Check the list below:

( Metroid: )

Metroid Prime 4: Announced for Nintendo Switch

Metroid 2: Samus Returns: Announced for 3DS. The old classic is back with new abilities and improved visuals.



Kirby: A new Kirby game is coming to the Switch.

Pokémon: A new Pokémon RPG is being made for the Switch.

Rocket League: The game is officially on it’s way to Nintendo Switch with exclusive content (like Mario items for your car) and cross-network play.

Super Mario Odyssey: The game finally got a release date!

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Monolith Soft’s RPG is coming to Switch around Holiday.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Also for the Switch. The hack-and-slash adventure is coming this fall.

Yoshi: A new game to the Switch. It’s a new side-scrolling game simply called Yoshi.

The Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild: The game gets two new DLC’s called “The Master Trials” and “The Champions Ballad”. New Zelda Amiibo figures was also revealed.


IGDB E3 Page


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