A Happy New Year!

For those who don’t know, 2016 was a very interesting time for us. We started out in early January by turning a hobby project into a company, with the whole team uprooting themselves, moving to Sweden and working on it full time. By joining the Gothenburg video game incubator, we gained access to a world of indie game development, game marketing and a deeper understanding of the video game industry as a whole.

At the start of the year it was all about our vision of the well functioning wiki-like features of the site, designed and developed to set ourselves a part from other databases and make the data itself easy to manage and consume. It was all about game information – searching, expanding, perfecting form functionality and integrity, quality images and personalisation through lists.

We battled performance issues by changing core components of the site and assigning more resources to hosting. We began aggregating news and reviews to keep the site from being too static and tied them together with other data to improve search algorithms and recommendations. We created the ultimate page for voice actors to join in and show off their work. With the help of Maddie (our PR expert), we reached out to some and some to us and now we have a beautiful repertoire of Actors and Characters to shine a light on an otherwise mysterious industry – video game voice acting.

Mashape was introduced as an alternative home for our API which (at the time of writing this) is supporting up to 1290 projects with video game data. What started as a fun idea has grown into the best game data API on the net in terms of features and functionality and will only get better with time.

By August, the community was steadily growing and even though the site was constantly changing, moving and breaking, our dedicated contributors became super-human and gave us unending support, patience and feedback. This tight relationship really nailed down all the new features and with their help, everybody felt we were heading in a good direction.

As time went on, we put more effort into figuring out user behaviour in order to start improving the site using concrete data and statistics. This also helped us plan for new features appropriate to the needs of the people visiting the site.

Informative, Entertaining and Social – These were the boxes we needed to check in order to be a worthwhile hub for every kind of gamer.

For entertainment value, we created The Feed, a personalised trickle of videos, images, news and reviews that could be consumed multiple times per day. This proved to be fascinating in terms of behaviour and consumption and we seized the opportunity to really perfect our ability to test not only our own code, but our users too.

Each member of the team has grown strong in their respective areas and 2017 will be a chance to really show the world that we aren’t just another data silo, but that our intention to create the best god damn video game website on the internet is sincere.

To all gamers, a very happy new year to you.

Watch this space.

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