Dev Notes 9th December 2016


  • Fixed some cases where you couldn’t log in on mobile
  • Fixed a bug where some games would show the wrong release date on mobile


  • Feed styling revamped
  • Tabs on feed index now set the url for easy linking
  • Removed sticky footer and (in some cases) put footer links into the sidebar
  • Moved voice actors link from home page to navbar
  • Testing the feed as the home page to measure interaction


  • Added top 100 anticipated games
  • Added supporting developer and porting developer which is shown in the game page sidebar. (Shout out to our glorious keepers who worked damn hard to update a loooot of games and companies)


So these last weeks there has not been much happening on the website, but under the hood we have been making some major changes (hence some slightly more frequent downtimes and slowdowns). Simple put, we are experimenting with different combinations of software to make our platform run as smoothly as possible, even under pressure. In addition, we are also finalising a continuous integration solution to stop new bugs from reaching you.

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