Dev Notes 21st November 2016


  • Fixed a bug where the wrong colours were showing on valid and invalid text inputs
  • Fixed a bug where uploaded screenshots didn’t show the preview in the right place
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong favourite count showed on feed items
  • Fixed the top 100 platform picker from allowing multiple platforms
  • Many mobile fixes for the feed
  • Fixed another session bug where the javascript exploded if you had certain cookies
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t add YEAR-MONTH release dates to games
  • Fixed a bug where combobox items got mixed up with other combobox items on the game edit form


  • Game page credits and external reviews have been demoted to the sidebar
  • Tweaked our opengraph tags so that social media links look and behave better
  • Logging in on the home page redirects to the feed
  • Added platforms & DLC information above the description on game pages
  • Disabled volume controls for imgur feed items


  • Feed items can now be created and show imgur/youtube or other media
  • Popular feed items can be previewed on game pages and on specific feed items
  • You can now export your user lists as CSVs

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