Dev Notes 7th November 2016


  • Put back the streams that disappeared from the game page
  • Fixed a bug where pulse was not loading more items on scroll
  • Another attempt to catch the issue where the login modal sometimes loads forever
  • Hide icon placeholders until the icon font has loaded
  • Removed rogue itunes/steam icons on some game pages
  • Various mobile fixes


  • All references to API V1 (deprecated) have been removed.
  • Age ratings and other links have been moved to the sidebar
  • Added emoji and link enabling for feed comments
  • Increased game description sizes a little


  • A feed has been added to personalise your gaming media experience. An interactive list of relevant news items, new trailers/release dates will be shown and for the first time, your friends will influence your experience. Their favourited items will be shared with you too. This feature has a long way to go and we’ll be continuing it’s development over the coming months.
  • A member-powered recommendation feature has been added to allow you to refer others to similar games they might enjoy.
  • The Hype button has been replaced with a Follow button. Although similar, you can follow games even after their release. The hype list will still function as before so you can keep track of the games you were interested in before their release.

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