Dev Notes 22nd October 2016


  • Fixed a crash on mobile game pages without a website
  • Prevented some images being requested twice
  • Fixed a game page bug where you couldn’t scroll to the end of the videos if you had a very large screen
  • Fixed one type of 422 error when a game was updated with a name that used to exist. (Big thanks to our great keepers for their patience with these kinds of issues)
  • Prevent rating an unreleased games on mobile
  • Fixed some fall out after we added a new platform
  • Fixed some recommended game covers that never appeared


  • The media player on game pages now scrolls along if the next video starts playing out of view
  • The streams feature has been reorganised and rewritten to be more scalable and attractive. It’s still well and truly in Alpha 😀
  • Registration is now simpler


  • Added a personal recently visited list to game pages
  • You can now hype games on mobile
  • We now have the capability to connect pulse stories to games so game-specific news will now start appearing on game pages

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