Dev Notes 15th October 2016


  • Lazy-loaded images now load a little faster
  • Contact link & discord link put in the top navigation
  • Videos now only play when in view and pause outside view
  • Decreased the clickable area of the logo which bugged out some smaller screen sizes
  • Hide game page quicknav on smaller screen sizes
  • Made company name in the header clickable on game pages
  • Fixed some issues with bad release dates on game pages
  • Fixed a bug where user reviews page was set to private
  • Fixed a bug where “played” option never showed as selected
  • The related lists section on game pages no longer shows users static lists (want, playing, played)
  • Many other micro-tweaks around the site.


  • You can now login with twitch

Not many additions last week but watch this space over the next week or so.


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