Dev Notes 30th September 2016

It’s been a month since the last dev notes so let’s take a deep breath and dive right in…

*Breath in*

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where uploaded covers would sometimes not display in the game edit form.
  • Prevent youtube drama and other unwanted news items from hitting pulse.
  • Fixed an issue where twitch streams were not showing.
  • Fixed an issue with footer size and coloring on some screen sizes
  • Some text and functionality changes on the login modal as it was a bit misleading.
  • Potentially fixed an issue with prematurely expiring cookies. Needs more testing out in the wild.
  • Font-awesome now loading after the page is loaded increasing page load time.
  • Switched from nodejs to nashorn as a js renderer (as suggested by the react team). We have increased page response time by about 66%… !!!!!!!


  • We added notable roles to voice actors which means we can put their characters on display.
  • The game page design has been completely overhauled and built from scratch to focus on device specific experiences (desktop & mobile).
  • A brand new mobile version of each page has begun. So far we have completed the home page, game page, similar games, user profile, lists and search results. We will continue to add to this list as time goes on.
  • Vertical slice, gaming trend, worth playing to reviews
  • Added products/shops back to game pages.
  • Added the option to connect your Twitch account.
  • Created IGDBTv for lulz

*Breath out*

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