Dev Notes 2nd September 2016

These are the dev notes of changes since the last notes (August 11th), this time around we’re pleased to announced a cool new feature: game release countdown.

New feature: Game release countdown

We Added a game release countdown page! Every upcoming entry now automatically gets a game release countdown based on the game’s page date. Each countdowns are localised and divided by platforms, so wherever you are you will be getting up to date information. 😉

Make every minute count!

Bugs fixes

  • Home and game pages were slow because of streams, now we fetch streams asynchronously
  • Got rid of the horrible footer issues on mobile
  • If the browser javascript starts to get out of control and bugs out, gracefully reload the page
  • The streams page was slow and had some strange behaviour, the code has been restructured for a smoother, more maintainable and scalable experience
  • Many, many other bugs with infrastructure and admin tooling


  • Redesign pulse and add new design to the home page news
  • We added Quick review to game pages, along with improved the review layout and styling
  • Show “friends who have rated this game” on the game page
  • Added an events page and a sample is also on the home page. Events are read-only for now
  • Added nichegamer to pulse
  • You can now upload an avatar from your user settings page!
  • Added a “Notable role” section to voice actor pages
  • Disabled N4G from pulse
  • Reshuffled some things on the game page in preparation for the new design

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