Dev Notes 11th August 2016

These notes cover the changes since our last blog post on the 27th July.


  • “Played” list button now highlights when you rate a game to let you know it’s been added.
  • Fixed some old display issue with rating descriptors.
  • Fixed some responsive, pixel shuffling in the navbar.
  • Fixed an issue where lazy-loaded images sometimes would not initially load.
  • Fixed a bug where home page settings were not saving permanently.


  • Added several new language options in the credits editor.
  • Now listing karma or member role next to usernames around the site.
  • Added a fancy new full-screen streams page to see popular streams without any trolls in the chat.
  • The video player modal on game pages is now larger on desktops.
  • Top 3 games being streamed now appear on the home page.
  • Top 3 streams now showing on game page.
  • We’ve shuffled data around on the game page to promote color and video media above the fold.
  • Made all platform filters available on top 100 games list.
  • Forum comments styling has been tweaked for better readability.

If you have any comments or questions, hit me up in the comments below.

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