Dev Notes 27th July 2016

These notes cover the changes since our last blog post on the 11th July.


  • 500 error on some users personal lists was happening because games that were deleted were still trying to be shown because of caching. A check is now in place to stop that.
  • When guests arrived at game pages and clicked home, it tried to load our landing page with ajax which made the website explode. Now, the home page is always loaded fresh. This is also good for maintaining a healthy state during the beta.
  • Some empty external review scores were counting as zero and pulling down the average, this no longer happens.
  • Some reviews were showing up twice or were reviewed twice by the same source. We now have a tool to destroy duplicates in favour of the most recent reviews.
  • The back button sometimes requested the “ajax” version of a page without styling, now there is a check in place to make sure the response contains all the sexy juicy stuff your browser needs.
  • We previously integrated a global “erotic” filter to prevent any shocks on the home page and other main pages. This caused issues when it came to editing erotic games so we have turned it around so that safe filters have to be specifically requested. We will look into this further at a later date.
  • Fixed the landing page hiding things on some mobile sizes.
  • When filtering various lists by “release date”, games with no release date found themselves at the top. Now they are always last for both descending and ascending orders.
  • Fixed a bug where platform version initial prices were throwing errors.
  • Fixed a bug where forum topics created earlier kept re-appearing in the editor. Now they are removed only when posted. This prevents any data loss when the page is accidently closed.
  • Fixed a bug where the decade date picker had bad colours that mean’t you couldn’t see the numbers.
  • Added a more permanent local storage system so that home page personalisation and other options are not forgotten after a single session.


  • We are lacking indexes for a lot of our data. I thought I’d have a poke at this issue by creating a well-needed platforms index: It’s ugly for sure, but it serves it’s purpose until we can get some designer eyes on it.
  • Implemented a keeper dashboard where content moderators can manage incoming data. This means faster acceptance rates for contributions and more faster delivery of new content.
  • The home page reviews now change each hour to a random selection of games released and reviewed within the last 2 months. I played around with some numbers and this time period offered the most comfortable diversity.
  • Before our registration landing pages existed, we had little pop-outs appear to show information. They are now removed as the landing page is much more informative.
  • The pulse summary on the home page now shows each source and their latest stories instead of the latest stories.
  • The styling of the register and login forms have been tweaked so they aren’t so vertical.
  • We have tweaked our main search autocomplete to be less strict and more responsive to non-exact search terms.
  • Added Arabic option to the voice actor languages in the credits editor.
  • Added region filters to advanced search in the “extras” tab.
  • Added a slim view option to advanced search for a slimmed down table view of results.
  • Added lazy image loading where only images that are in view are downloaded. This only currently work for react components such as the advanced search.
  • Added review statistics to our about page.

If you have any comments or questions, hit me up in the comments below.

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