Interview Industry Insight — Episode #5: DooM49


Who are you and what do you do in the video games industry?

I’m DooM49, and I’ve always played video games my entire life. From when I was young playing Mario on the Nintendo to the first ever PC online multiplayer game being Quake 2.

To play on it, you had to use a third party program called Heatsnet and you were restricted to names, such that if someone took a name you can’t have it. I wanted to be named DooM in the game but apparently there was 48 other people with the name DooM. So I chose DooM49. From there I gamed competitively in the multiplayer FPS industry and landed on CS 1.6 which I would play at Lan events and in leagues. Eventually I decided to stop that all together and move over to Battlefield Bad Company 2 because I wanted something new and different. Due to my competitive background I was really good at the game and noticed team mates weren’t playing the objective or doing things poorly. I decided to start posting tips and tricks videos on YouTube and that really took off. From there I’ve been posting gaming content and funny gaming moments you have with friends on my YouTube channel. Overall, I’m a gaming YouTuber who is also fortunate enough to be a GameChanger for EA titles like Battlefield and help the development team by giving feedback on how to improve the game.

What is you favorite game, or, what game has influenced you personally the most?

I’d have to say Battlefield Bad Company 2 as that started my YouTube career. Without it I’d probably be in a normal career that I might not love as much. Bad Company 2 kick started my YouTube Career and got me to experience an amazing fan base and experience things I never thought would be possible. I met some amazing people along the way and the best part is I enjoy what I do. I’d post videos and game regardless, it’s a hobby to me. Knowing that I was able to make it into a career is priceless and never really work a day in my life and that’s all thanks to me deciding to start YouTube by posting Tips and Tricks on the game!

What kind of project(s) are you working with at the moment?

Most of it I can’t talk about because it’s under NDA but I can say there are A LOT of great things I’m working on and producing great content on my channel.

What is the best thing about your job(s)? What is the worst?

The best thing is the fans. They cheer me up when I feel down and I can always count on them. I love reading their comments and interacting with them. They say some hilarious things to videos and just wanna have fun when they comment on my content or hang out at my live streams. They’re the best and they keep me going! The worst part about the job is probably knowing that I have to schedule extra videos for the time I’m gone on trips. Puts a lot of extra work to be done and takes away from time I could be live streaming or gaming with fans!

What kind of projects are you going to be working with in the future? What would you like to do or work on if you could choose; do you have any dream projects?

A lot of this I can’t talk about because of NDA. However, I can say I am a GameChanger and you’ll see some great games coming out! As for a dream project, I’m currently working on incorporating more fans into my videos. Like the DooM49ers 64 man events in Battlefield! Other wise I’m very content with everything I have and very grateful to everyone that supports my content and helped me along the way!

What can video games offer that no other medium/art/tools can?

This, everything that happened to me. I was able to grow a fan base on Youtube and have the best fans ever, even made new friends and was invited by EA to become a GameChanger via giving feedback on the games to help improve them. That is pretty much a dream that was only possibly via gaming. Even if a person wasn’t able to do YouTube or build a fan base. I know I’ve made some awesome friends just by chatting with people in the games I played. It’s like an alternate reality that draws you in an provides hours of fun!

What would you like to tell our users/readers?

Stay awesome and always do what you think is best. Never let anyone tell you that you CAN’T or you SHOULDN’T! If you have a strong feeling about doing something and feel really confident in it then do it! There will be mountains to climb but keep your head up and anything is possible. It’s the one thing I kept telling myself even when my parents told me I was wasting my time with doing YouTube. Now they’re happy of how successful I am from following what I wanted and it was really a hobby.

Twitter: @DooM49
Youtube: devsain

Thank you Doom49 for your interview!


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