Summer Update

Summer is already here, time to reveal new awesome updates: API 2.0
Through our API we open up our database and share all the data to other developers who build apps, websites and services which need game information. When you contribute information to, you do not only provide our database with information but many other projects as well.

However, we could never imagine our first API becoming so popular. We initially developed it mainly for internal usage but it quickly grew to over 750 other projects as well. Unfortunately the heavy usage of our API started to affect performance on, slowing it down.

Now we since updated our API with some major improvements making it faster, more stable and preparing it for heavy weight usage. API 2.0 is available here.

Game review aggregator!!

We have developed a feature that automatically aggregates game reviews from 32 different external sources (see comments below for sources).

This feature is a well needed addition to since many of the new game titles lack user ratings on release. Now you, as a user, will be able to compare both ratings from IGDB’s users and professional critics.

We reached out to a couple of already existing review aggregation services, asking them to collaborate by allowing us to integrate their service into But unfortunately this did now work out due to their terms being too restrictive and limiting. So we developed it ourselves… in 10 days!

But developing a feature like that in 10 days comes with a price. Not counting a couple of stressed out developers, there will be bugs.

So please report them if you find them and we will get to it ASAP.

But have no doubt: We are building the ultimate gaming web site, and that requires us to have the ultimate review aggregator. So expect it to improve a lot with time, as well as new external sources being constantly added.

Do you have a favorite source that you wish to have added? Contact us or write it in the comments below and we will get to it. Smaller sites with quality content will be prioritized over larger, more popular ones. We are kinda fond of underdogs 😉

Chat with the team on Discord!
We have set up a Discord channel where you can chat with us directly. So if you fancy a chat, give us feedback or discuss a feature you want added, jump straight in!

Click here to access our Discord channel (top post).

Although note that this channel is not that “manned” during night time (Europe). We need to play games too you know.

VR-screenshots and VR-trailers
Users with phone-VR-headsets can now try out VR-screenshots and trailers. In collaboration with the awesomely talented guys in Lone Hero Studios we tried to solve solve the following challenge: How can a gamer experience a VR-game without having to buy the game first?

After many different tries they ended up exporting a scene from the game (using 5 cameras) which they uploaded to YouTube as a 360-video. The results works remarkably well, especially if you own a phone-VR-headset. And it works for users without a headset as well!

Try it out here (in the VR-tab).

Please note that this feature is still in alpha and will be improved with time.

We will post instructions on how you, as a game developer can create your VR-screenshots and trailers in Unity. If you are a game developer who has made something similar in another game engine, please send us instructions so that we can share them as well.

Oh, and here is another Insight video from when we visited Dreamhack Summer 2016.

Now, Team IGDB will be taking a couple of weeks for some well needed vacation, going home to visit families and trying to reboot as much as possible until August. Then the team will be back in force and continue to develop your ultimate gaming website.

To our wonderful community: Thank you for all kind words of encouragement, great feedback and for reaching out in general. You can’t imagine how much this inspires us to struggle on. We have said it many, many times before and now we say it again; You truly are the best community in the world!

Have a great summer and see you soon!

/The Crew

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