Industry Industry Insight — Episode #3 : Anna Bouveng

Who are you and what do you do in the video games industry?

My name is Anna Bouveng and I’m currently working as a Executive Producer at Avalanche Studios. Basically it means that I am responsible for long-term strategies, business objectives and ongoing management for all self-published games we make. My day to day is quite versatile, for example, I oversee project progress, improve organisation processes, communicate with key stakeholders and work closely with two awesome production/dev teams.

What is your favorite game, or, what game has influenced you personally the most?

My fave game of all times is Super Mario Bros — it’s by far the game I’ve played the most, I’m not sure how many thousands of hours I’ve spent in it but A LOT. The game that has influenced me personally the most? Hard to say, there are so many good ones. I remember playing ‘No One Lives Forever’ way back when and I was SO impressed by this strong, kick-ass, female heroine. It was a rare thing and I loved it.

What kind of project(s) are you working with at the moment?

Currently I’m working mainly with theHunter franchise here at Avalanche Studios/Expansive Worlds and we have three games that are live — theHunter (free-to-play), theHunter Primal (mid-price range, available on Steam) and theHunter: Legends (a Facebook game that’s still in Beta). The other stuff I’m working on I sadly can’t talk about. Yet.

What is the best thing about your job(s)? What is the worst?

The best thing is easy — I get to work with a bunch of highly talented, inspirational and smart people and also with something I’m truly passionate about on a personal level. Basically I enjoy going to work every day — it’s a rare and beautiful thing.

The worst is harder, but like most jobs there is sometimes a bit of stress — tight deadlines that need to be met, or finances to take into account. It’s not always my ‘fave thing’ but it’s part of the gig and it’s key that we make things happen on time, on budget and at quality so you deal with it.

A bigger concern for me personally is that we don’t have a Coca Cola vending machine at the office. We’re a health conscious company and there are lots of fruit and stuff on offer, but I need my daily dose of Diet Coke to survive! This means I visit the local grocery store all the time. It’s a hassle 🙂

What kind of projects are you going to be working with in the future? What would you like to do or work on if you could choose; do you have any dream projects?

I wish I could talk about future projects but at the moment I can’t. As for dream projects — I would love to be part of building a free-to-play FPS multiplayer game starring a bunch of strong, female superheroes with kick-ass powers.

What can video games offer that no other medium/art/tools can?

Immersing yourself into another character, another realm and really feeling like you are there and that you are awesome (or not). Either way you truly become someone else, forget the real world for a bit and experience something first hand — whether it’s chasing (or being chased) by zombies, building your own cities from scratch, or saving the planet.

What would you like to tell our users/readers?

Play more games! But don’t forget to take breaks and go workout once in a while too.

Thank you Anna for your interview!

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