Industry Industry Insight – Episode #1

All your base are belong to me… for a minute or two!

Hey guys! My name is Maddie and I’m a Voice Over Coordinator, and a fairly new member of the IGDB team. I’m the one taking care of all the VO profiles, trying my best to get the coolest people to join our family and make them feel at home.

Now, along with the profiles, we decided to add another segment to IGDB Insight, called Industry Insight. These videos are going to be all about the people behind video games, including companies, programmers, designers and yes, voice actors (among others).

You will be able to see the first episode right now. It’s a mini interview with the very talented Erin Fitzgerald. You might know her as Chie Satonaka in Persona, Erica in Catherine, as well as Rachel in DoA5. If you’re a fan of anime games, then you’ve probably heard this voice many times before!

Check out the video:
>Watch Episode 1 here

Lastly, I wanna ask you guys a question:

Do you have a favorite Voice Actor? If you do, would you like to see him / her on IGDB? Tell us and we might make it happen!

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