Good Times!

Time to announce what we have been working on lately.

First, we finally have a logo!

If there was one thing the team could never agree upon, it was a logo. Everyone wanted something completely different from each other and the only thing we were able to decide upon was that we did not want a gamepad as a logo. So we decided to postpone the idea of a logo indefinitely. Then, an awesome individual called Benjamin Lillandt stepped forward and said (and I quote)… “I will get you your logo”… and so he did.

Without further ado we present to you the new logo of

Now, before you go “Ehhh, what?”, let us explain the rationale behind it. We wanted a Star shaped logo, mainly because:

  • You rate games on with stars.
  • should guide gamers towards good games (be the guiding star).
  • We wish to elevate the status of people working professionally with games, so that they can become stars.

The star you see is in the form of a stellated octahedron, or stella octangula which is Latin for eight-pointed star.

Now we want your feedback! Love it, hate it, or feel it is a bit far fetched? Discuss it here or send us your feedback 🙂

Our second announcement: Voice Actors can now claim and update their profiles on!

One of our missions is to build a game site for both gamers and people active in the video game industry. For this purpose we are developing a feature we call “Dev Profiles”. In order to scope down the initial task, we decided to focus on Voice Actors first.

Now video game Voice Actors can claim and create their own luxury profiles on, and in so doing:

  • Have an online profile specialized on gaming, and intended for people with professional video game experience.
  • Communicate with gamers and fans.
  • Network with the game industry.
  • Showcase their Gameography, i.e. the games they have acted in.

Here comes the cool part: If a voice actor adds a game to their gameography, and we have end credits for that game, we are automatically verifying this credit for the voice actor and showing it on the credits list on the Voice Actor’s profile as “Referenced”. Based on our knowledge this is a totally unique feature and a solution to a problem within the game industry. The problem is that it is very difficult to verify a game professional’s CV due to the industry being very project oriented in nature and that (strange as it seems), no company seem to keep records of who worked on their game titles.

We will continue to develop the Dev Profile feature during the coming months and hope to allow other types of game professionals to gain access to their profiles ASAP.

For now, we are manually inviting Voice Actors and we are happy to announce the first two:

Adam Harrington:

Erik Braa:

They are without a doubt two of the coolest people we have ever met and so we are happy to bring them aboard. Welcome to Guys!

Stay tuned for more awesome Voice Actors coming aboard during the coming weeks.

Last but not least, we finally have a Public Product Backlog!

We have wanted a public backlog for a long time in order to inspire a more user oriented development approach and transparency. Thanks to sighAlot, Nobody and yingsha we found a good solution which didn’t require additional coding work from us.

Right now you can see some of the ideas we have agreed upon and we will continue to add more items with time.

So please discuss and vote on items. Most importantly, please continue to propose new features to us and send us your feedback. We would not be where we are without it!

Here is the product backlog:

Ok then, have a great weekend and as always – Stay Awesome!

/The Crew

tl;dr version: We finally have a logo, Voice Actors can now have their own profiles on and we now have a public product backlog.

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