Living the dream

As you probably know, has been a beloved hobby project of ours for the last four years.

And during these years we have accomplished some pretty amazing things together. What started out as a simple, super buggy and ugly web page has slowly grown into an active site with an amazing community. The IGDB dev crew has grown into a synchronized team of dedicated people and the database which started with one entry (Thief) now contains information about 16 800 games, 9 000 game companies, 108 000 people from end credits, 7 100 game trailers and 20 000 screenshots.

Due to popular demand, we opened up the database allowing the rest of the world to create apps, web pages and services using’s API service. To this date more than 450 projects have gained access to this data, and more are applying every week.

During these years we have worked hard… really hard. But let’s be honest, things have progressed slower than a sleep deprived turtle on valium. No matter how hard we pressed on, obstacles kept disrupting our development speed. But we never gave up.

Imagine then, our joy when we finally can announce that:


That’s right baby, a core segment of the dev team have gathered in a small, remote, cold yet still nice, town of Gothenburg, Sweden. We quit our jobs, kissed our families good bye and are now focused on one thing and one thing only:

This would not have been possible without the aid of two amazing guys who really believed in us, shared our passion and energy to create the ultimate video game site. They have secured us the funding needed so that we can finally take to the next level.

An equally amazing and cool gang of people are The Gothenburg Game Incubator who has offered us working space in their facilities.

But most importantly, this would not have been possible without you people. You kept your faith during the dark times. You continued to share ideas and report bugs, while adding game info and end credits like crazy.

You cannot imagine how much you inspire us to keep on going. As creators, I can tell you, there is no higher joy than to see something you created being used and valued. We really have the best community in the world.

So what will happen now?

Well, for one you can expect a much, much, much quicker development speed. Now when we are gathered we will be able to engage lightspeed and deploy features faster than before.

But to give you a hint of what we have planned so far:

  • Game events – Users will be able to add game related events, both bigger ones (e.g. GDC, Gamescom, E3 etc.) and local ones happening in your town.
  • Enhanced developer and voice actor profiles – game developers and voice actors will be able to manage and update their own profiles.
  • Aggregation of external game reviews.
  • eSports.
  • Professional game industry tools.
  • New types of information, e.g. hardware (e.g. VR, joysticks).
  • Improved friends features.
  • Mobile app.
  • Revamped reviews.
  • Enhanced usability.
  • and much much more.

The majority of the ideas above have been proposed by you. As always, we rely and act on your feedback.

Time to meet the team!

From left:

Jake ‘krazyjakee’ Cattrall (frontend developer)
Christian ‘Crissan’ Frithiof (commander-in-chief + coffee maker)
Sander ‘Sharpless’ Brauwers (designer + marketing)
Jonas ‘Lephyrius’ Innala (backend developer)

And let’s not forget the rest of the team:

Abner X. Figueroa (coder extraordinaire)
Ellinoora (beloved journalist)
Matti (the Gandalf of video game academics).

Ok, then. The year of 2016 could not have started better. But this adventure has only just begun. Let’s elevate to the next level together.

Yours Truly,
The IGDB Crew

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