Weekly Dev Notes, 23rd February 2016

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Bug Fixes

  • A bug causing the search view button to not show on search results pages has been fixed.
  • A styling error with popup notifications has been fixed.
  • A bug making a user unable to add video games to a list via the list editor has been fixed.


  • Automatic search bar focus has been disabled for mobile users.
  • Game pages now features a number of quick links at the bottom.
  • Page load speed has been improved. Due to our awesome new progress bar, we have been able to disable our old iFrame loading for better overall loading speed.

Weekly Dev Notes are a feature where the community is updated weekly on small issues and breakthroughs by the team. Blog posts about big changes and updates are more sporadic, but will continue to take place as usual in addition to the Weekly Dev Notes. Dev Notes are uploaded each Tuesday.

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