Weekly Dev Notes, 16th February 2016

Bug fixes

  • A bug causing issues with removing a rating while writing a review for a game has been fixed.
  • Advanced search no longer opens the home page in place of the second page of results.
  • Mobile tapping is no longer overly sensitive.
  • A bug causing issues with removing a series or a franchise once filled in for a game has been fixed.
  • A bug with the blog-function of the forums has been fixed and we are happy to present our Weekly Dev Notes in their usual place again! The Weekly Dev Notes for 2nd February and 9th February were posted in the General-section of the forum, and can be found here if you want to catch up!


  • Our search now sports a new autocomplete!
  • The accuracy and results of our search have received big improvements.
  • A new loading bar for the site has been implemented.
  • The help guides for adding and editing information for games, people, characters and companies have received some tweaks.
  • Game pages can now be viewed as presskit versions! This layout features only basic information about the game for easy viewing.
  • The public banner has been updated.
  • Usage can now be added to your API-key.

Weekly Dev Notes are a feature where the community is updated weekly on small issues and breakthroughs by the team. Blog posts about big changes and updates are more sporadic, but will continue to take place as usual in addition to the Weekly Dev Notes. Dev Notes are uploaded each Tuesday.

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