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Karma Hunter Spotlight: jktomas

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Who are you?

My name is Tomas. I’m 23 years old and I live in Lithuania – don’t worry if you don’t know where that country is, nobody does!

What do you do in your daily life, outside of

I work as a guide in a museum. I’m a huge science nerd, so I like my job. Also, when I have time I participate in the creation of a really smart and awesome Lithuanian Youtube-show about science.

Where is your nickname from?

I have had this nickname since my first day on the internet. As a kid I was a mega Star Wars fan, so my first nickname was Jedi-Knight-Tomas and I used it for a Star Wars messaging board. But it didn’t take long for me to realize what a geeky nickname that is, so for other sites I shortened it to be something more socially acceptable – JKTomas.

How did you join What has made you stick around?

One day in 2014 I was searching for a convenient way to keep track of the games I’ve played or want to play. Basically I was looking for the equivalent for video games! I checked out many video game databases on the internet and sadly no site was really offering what I wanted. But there was one site that gave me much hope… Can you guess which one? It was the closed beta of

I started helping that site, giving all kinds of feedback, adding new games to the database and so on. And it was really fun! Then I got so addicted to the site that I started visiting it daily, and I still do. There are many great features here that help me organize the games I’m playing. I am so dependent on them now that if something happened to IGDB and all my data was lost I would probably just quit playing video games out of frustration!

What are you hoping to see on the site in the future?

I hope this site becomes much bigger. I don’t want there to exist a single piece of information about video games that isn’t on IGDB. Also I want some little tiny problems fixed.

One day I actually wrote a very long post listing all of my favorite and least favorite parts of this site, but unfortunately when I pressed “post” everything I wrote disappeared. Ironically, one of the problems listed in my post was that “sometimes my comments disappear after pressing “post””. That was a long time ago and this issue has been fixed. I’m working on another post like that so prepare for some very harsh criticism and great compliments and praises (this time I’ll make a back up before I post it)!

What video games are you playing at the moment? What video games do you think are the most influential on your person?

The game I’m playing at the moment and will be playing for years to come is Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. I love the themes, animation and how mindblowingly innovative it is. It’s also very relaxing and it is perfect when you want to listen to podcasts or music, because when you play it you can still pay half of the attention to something in the background. I haven’t spent more hours on any other game than on BoI:R.

forum imageThis happened to me about 1923 times in Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

The game that made me realize that video games are art too and can be as creative and beautiful as movies or books was *drumroll* Portal. I first played it after a long pause without any video games at all. When I checked out Portal it blew my mind so I instantly went on to play the other Orange Box games. Half-Life 2 to this day is my favorite game of all time. Everything about it is brilliant.

What games do you dislike?

This might sound crazy but I kind of hate point-and-click adventure games and turn-based RPGs. Why? Because they require a lot of patience which I don’t have. And lots of time too. I actually would want to experience many games of these genres, but they have very slow beginnings and I just can’t get into most of them. Some of them however, I know are brilliant! And I would definitely want to play through them – all the Final Fantasy games from 1 to 9, the Mother-series, Chrono Trigger, Sierra and Lucas Arts point and click adventures, a lot of Double Fine games, Lisa, Undertale and many many MANY others. But I can never find enough time and patience to actually play them…

Do you have any other hobbies than gaming?

I’m a big fan of cinema. I love all kinds of movies, but I’m especially fond of Ghibli films. My avatar is Porco Rosso, a character from a movie of the same name. Everyone talks about Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke and Howl’s Moving Castle, but Porco Rosso is not that well known, although it’s as brilliant as the other Miyazaki films. Don’t go see it though! I enjoy being the only person I know who loves that movie.

I also watch a ton of Youtube. My favorite channels usually have something to do with either movies, video games or science. Fun fact: Angry Video Game Nerd made me interested in retro video games!

What would you like to tell the team or the community specifically?

To the developers: Thank you for listening to what I have to say and for tolerating my constant nagging. It’s incredible for me to see when something I suggested becomes a reality. You are all awesome!

To the community: sup?

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