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Karma Hunter Spotlight: sighAlot

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  • Who are you?

Hello, my name is Jerome and I am 28. Originally I am from a small island called New Caledonia which is tucked away in between Fiji and Australia. I’ve hopped a few countries since but currently I’m in the UK.

forum imageThe actual view from my window in New Caledonia! Photo by sighAlot.

Now New Caledonia may look like paradise on earth but it wasn’t quite like that, especially for gaming! Being so far and isolated from the rest of the world meant that all of the game releases would be delayed as they would come from Europe sometimes well over a month late, plus they would usually be dubbed. On top of that internet came very late, and when it did, it was far from top speed as they had to lay cables across the ocean from Australia, so online gaming was pretty much unknown to me during my early years!

  • Where is your nickname from and what is in your avatar?

Well, I do sigh a lot. I’m a grumpy negative spirit, apparently…! It’s my go-to gaming name for PSN/Steam and so on. The avatar has a picture of me, while chasing dragons in Wales.

  • What is your day job?

I am a full time visual designer, so essentially I do a lot of Photoshopping! Mostly advertising and promotion type stuffs, however earlier in the year the company I work for branched out into the eSports market, and being the resident nerd I ended up handling that. I’ve been doing a lot of designs for various teams and events of Counter-Strike: GO, DOTA 2 and League of Legends, plus the odd other ones, and working with press kit assets which is quite cool!

  • What are your interests?

My other interests revolve around music, food & travel, and freethinking. I like travelling a lot! I’m currently planning a trip to Hawaii. I also play the guitar (poorly) and have a keen interest in music in general. Mostly revolving around Ambient/Atmospheric, Experimental Electronic, and Ye Olde’ Death Metal.

  • How did you join IGDB and what has made you stick around?

I joined about 6 months ago I believe, out of sheer luck. I one day simply wondered if there was an equivalent to a comprehensive database for games like there is for movies and music, and landed on IGDB. It didn’t have everything that I wanted, but I saw how easy it was to contribute (the first game I added was Rogue Galaxy!) and I thought the site had a well-thought design and hence a promising future. I find it somewhat rewarding to visibly see changes happening, plus the community has been very kind which is obviously an asset.

  • What are you hoping to see on the site in the future?

More content! Making it a go-to place for information would be fantastic – I would especially like a ‘trivia’ section added to games! I personally would also have great use for the ability to apply filters to my lists, helping keep track of what I own, what I want to play on specific systems and so on. Maybe making use of the Karma Points for something else could be interesting, as it’s essentially a site currency. Maybe an IGDB browser-RPG?!

  • What video games are you playing at the moment?

I’ve been playing Witcher 3 for a while now, and I’m still at it! I recently got my hands on an old PS2, so I’m going through some games I missed back in the day or would like to revisit (going through Primal at the moment) and not too long ago I went back to playing DOTA 2 as well, which is a bit of a love/hate relationship. Since I just came back from a Christmas holiday, I spent most of my time in the plane playing Rogue Legacy on Vita, great fun! And last but not least, I have a WiiU on my desk at work; my lunch breaks are much improved by Mario Kart.

  • What video game do you think has been the most influential on your person?

When I was 12 years old I played Metal Gear Solid and remember being completely blown away by its depth and storyline (even though I understood non of it!). I vividly remember thinking that since it was very mature, it was likely made for grown-ups. I then deduced that I would have years of gaming ahead of me as an adult and It would be great. I was not wrong.

forum imageMetal Gear Solid – definitely worth waiting to grow up for!

  • Do you have a favourite film or a favourite book?

I love movies, especially horror and ‘weird’. Some of my favourite directors would be David Cronenberg, Takashi Miike, and David Lynch. I also love books, although I should really play less and read more… Usually I dabble in Fantasy/Scifi and non-fiction travel and trivia books, and graphic novels such as Sandman, Thorgal, Requiem and Incal. Lately I’ve been on the lookout for gaming related literature. I recently read State of Play edited by Daniel Goldberg and Linus Larsson, which while flawed I found quite interesting. I’d take recommendations if you have any!

  • What would you like to tell the team or the community specifically?

You’re onto something, and I’m glad I can be a part of it. Thank you!

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