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Karma Hunter Spotlight: Cr3tyl

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  • Who are you?

Hi! My name is Aleksi, also known as Cr3tyl on the Internet. I’m a 23 year old IT student hailing from Kuopio, Finland. I’m on my fourth year of studies and I’m specializing in software development and programming. I’ve been gaming pretty much all my life and I’m overall really enthusiastic about video games. I mainly play on my PC but I also have an NES, Xbox, PS3, PSP and 3DS XL. I’d like to work in the gaming industry someday but for now I’ll wait what the future throws at me!

  • What are your interests, are you part of any interesting projects?

All my interests and hobbies pretty much all circle around different kinds of entertainment. I play and collect video games, watch a lot of movies and tv-series. I think my all time favorite movies are pretty much everything by Quentin Tarantino, and I absolutely adore Californication from tv! Music is also one my main interests and I like to play guitar every now and then. Before anyone starts asking – my music taste revolves around heavy metal but I often find myself listening completely polar opposite stuff too, like Portishead and Nujabes.

On my other projects, I’m part of the HyperSpin community even though it’s been a while when I last visited them. HyperSpin is an emulator frontend that’s excellent for creating your own custom arcade cabinet. I created a few XML databases and helped gathering information for them, though I never got around to having my own cabinet 😀 I guess it was natural for me to start updating game entries on IGDB because I’ve kind of done this kind of work already. If you’re interested, you can find their official site here.

  • How did you join What has made you stick around?

I joined IGDB little over a year ago after I saw an article/interview on PeliLegacy’s site (in Finnish). Everything was still in closed beta at the time and I was curious to see what the actual site looked like. I thought the site was quite functional and easy to use, so I started adding games and information almost daily for a few months whenever I was watching streams on Twitch or was just bored and had nothing else to do. After a while, I ended up to be one of the most active contributors on the site even though I never aimed to be one!

  • What video games are you playing at the moment? What is your favorite game?

Lately I’ve been having a blast with Dirty Bomb. It’s a fast team-based FPS with multiple objectives. I feel the gameplay is a really nice mix of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Brink, they’re even developed by the same studio, Splash Damage(!). Dirty Bomb is also free-to-play, and I highly recommend trying it. It’s quite fun when you get into it!

An important game to me is the original Doom. It was one the first games that I played on our family’s computer and I’ve loved it ever since. It’s one of those few games I feel that are absolutely timeless and I still play it every now and then. That gameplay and map design feels so flawless, even nowadays. Also, gosh that soundtrack rocks hard!

But when it comes to my all time favorite games, I gotta say Half-Life, Half-Life and Half-Life. I feel it’s the one of the few game series that never took a misstep even when revolutionizing the games industry as a whole. I think I’ve played through HL2 like 15-20 times already and I still absolutely adore it. The plot ended on HL2: Episode 2 on such a cliffhanger that I’ve been anxiously waiting years for the continuation. C’mon GabeN, get on with it already!!

  • What would your dream game be like?

It’s kind of funny that you ask my dream game because I’ve been actually thinking about this for a while now. I’ve always thought the gameplay in Remedy’s Max Payne 1 and 2 were almost as excellent as it could get, but I never found that kind of responsiveness in 3rd person shooters afterwards (really, what the heck happened? Why is everything cover-based nowadays?). That shooting gameplay combined with wallrunning and -jumps, maybe throw that in a dark sci-fi/cyberpunk world, and I feel like that would be absolutely amazing. If someone can point me to a game that sounds like this, please leave a comment !Is there any channel or site you would like to give a shoutout to?

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Definitely a box one would be happy to own themselves! Photo courtesy of BulsaraAndDeacon.

Shoutouts to Clint “LGR” Basinger. He’s a guy who reviews retro and some modern PC stuff including games, hardware and software. Here’s his youtube channel. He got me into collecting big boxed PC games with his “LGR Thrifts” -video series. I recommend checking his channel out if you’re into anything PC related or just curious about retro games overall. I really like his snarky humor… and he also makes excellent Duke Nukem impressions!

  • What would you like to tell the team or the community specifically?

I don’t have anything specific except keep up the good work. We as a community can make IGDB the best resource for information on games!

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