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Karma Hunter Spotlight: ZUPERFLY

  • Who are you?

My name is Grant. I am 22 years old and I live in Florida, US.

  • What is your day job, what are your interests?

I work for an outdoor mall in maintenance, but I hope to become a director or someone who assists in the making of films. I am interested in video games, movies, television shows, and music – and I enjoy writing and dancing, and I take Hip Hop dance lessons. I’m also learning how to be a DJ, inspired by DJ Hero. I truly think video games can inspire us to do great things!

My favourite book is I Am Better Than Your Kids by Maddox and my favourite film would be Hot Fuzz, Johnny English, or Dude, Where’s My Car?

  • Where is your nickname from? What is in your avatar?

My nickname is my Xbox Live gamertag, which came from a song by Weird Al Yankovic called Albuquerque. He named his kid Superfly… but Xbox Live had that taken so I changed the S to a Z and it worked.

The avatar is from my favorite show ever. It’s Chemical X which was accidentally added to sugar, spice, and everything nice to make the Powerpuff Girls.

  • How did you join and what made you stick around?

I joined IGDB before it opened the closed BETA and I stick around because I enjoy the site and the community. People seem more friendly on this site.

  • What are you hoping to see on the site in the future?

I hope that this is the next big thing. I’d like to see the forums become more active, to be able to get stumped on a game, jump on the forums and ask the community what my options are.

  • What video games are you playing at the moment? What video games have made you the person you are?

Currently I have gone back to playing Super Smash Bros, but I’m anticipating the release of Xenoblade Chronicles X.

The most influential games I have played are probably the original Super Smash Bros, Halo: Reach, and the Pokemon series. Those games are the games that made me get the consoles needed to play them. My favorite game is Pikmin 2; I have had so much fun playing it! I have a top 100 list, but that isn’t quite finished.

  • What games do you dislike? What would your dream game be like?

I’m not a fan of Call of Duty or Battlefield – I enjoy more creative games. I’m the guy who gets Halo just for forge and custom games.


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Dream Team for taking over that Death Star…! Illustrations courtesy of Wii Wiki, and Nilfanion.

My dream game would be a Pokemon RPG, or something like Super Smash Bros mixed with World of Warcraft, where you could add every character ever made and go on quests or missions. Start out in Gotham City as Batman and team up with Sonic and Thomas the Train who has the power to transform and take down Lux Luthor at the Death Star… pretty much insanity!

  • Do you have anything you would like to tell the team or the community of

I enjoy this site a lot, although I haven’t been on much lately because my laptop died and I’m looking for a better one for gaming. But I enjoy IGDB. For the community, specifically: I’d like you to write some reviews. I know you’re playing those games and I know you have great things to say about them! I want to read those reviews!

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