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Karma Hunter Spotlight: ZwizyMan

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  • Who are you?

My name is Kristian, aka ZwizyMan. I’m a 24-year-old man from Norway, originally born on the west coast in a place no one has ever heard of – but currently living in Oslo, and with a background in filmmaking and media. I have spent about five years in three different film schools, but am currently planning on making a change into video game production next fall.

  • What is your day job or are you part of any volunteer or paid projects at the moment?

Right now I’m an unemployed filmmaker, having just finished a four months shoot on a documentary with some friends, where I did a variety of things like cinematography and operating sound. It will probably be my last movie project, as I hope to start a course in video games next. As much as I love movies and making them, I’m afraid my passion has wandered off over the last couple of years. Video games have been a huge hobby for the last six years, and now I want to learn how to make them, because I believe that video games still have a lot of potential in so many areas.

  • Why did you join IGDB? What has made you stick around?

According to the website I joined on August 15, 2014. Before joining I had spent some time on, adding movies and as much information as I could when a movie was missing it. I even added myself for the heck of it. But it was fun doing the research, and, this might sound silly but, leaving my mark. I could always go back to a movie I had contributed to and say: I did that!

And later when I got into gaming, I wondered why video games didn’t have a similar site. I searched, found a couple of alternatives like Mobygames, but didn’t really like their communities or websites. But then I found IGDB and saw that one could sign up for beta access, and thought, “why the heck not”. To my biggest surprise I had access less than 12 hours later! Even though at the time the site lacked some of the things it has today, it looked a lot more like what I had hoped the other sites would be. Nice design, easy to use, and last but not least; a lot of information missing. So whenever I had the time, I would contribute information to the best of my ability.

It’s been over a year since I joined, and I have watched the site grow a lot in that time. When I joined, I think there were only a couple of hundred users and less than five thousand games. I’ve watched this site enter public beta, and grow on from that, too. But the reason I stuck around is because I really believe in this website, and what’s it trying to accomplish. And I’ll happily help wherever I can.

  • What are you hoping to see on the site in the future?

I wouldn’t mind a feature that recommended games for me. Don’t know how far away that is, but it would be neat. I would also hope for some other way to submit credits for games other than a YouTube video. Beyond that it’s really just a bunch of nitpicks, that you probably are working on already.

  • What video games are you playing at the moment?

Right now, like so many other people, my time is mostly being spent on Fallout 4. I’m also trying to beat Metal Grear Solid V: The Phantom Pain by the end of the year.

  • What video games do you think are the most influential on your person and what is your favorite game?

As for game that are important to me, and that have influenced me, now that’s a long list. But I’ll talk a bit about the most important ones. The first would be The Lion King for Sega Genesis. It was the first video game I ever played, and I still can’t believe how I managed to beat that game without any internet at the age of 5 or 6!

The second would be The Longest Journey for PC. Truly the best point and click adventure game ever made, with one of the best stories and best characters (April Ryan) in gaming history. A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of meeting the creator Ragnar Tørnqvist, which was awesome.

Another one would be i, for which I stole (um, borrowed) my friend’s PS3 just to play it. And lastly I’ll mention the entire Mass Effect-trilogy, just because I adore that universe, and I adore SPACE!

forum imageThe Mass Effect trilogy caters perfectly to me and my hunger for space and science fiction!

Were I to pick an all-time favorite game, it would probably be Mass Effect 2. There is just no single bad mission or dull moment (except the mining) in the entire game. I love almost all of the characters, and it is probably the game I’ve done the most replays of. And yes, I’m super hyped for Andromeda, can’t wait!

  • What games do you dislike?

I don’t think I’ve played a game I have truly disliked in the last 10 years, as I try to follow reviews and never pre-order. But I do sometimes get really disappointed by certain games others seem to like. While I’m currently playing a lot of Fallout 4, I found Fallout 3 to be really boring. MGS V is good, but has some shortcomings that keep me from finishing it. I could not finish Life is Strange because I didn’t like a single character in that game. But the worst game I’ve ever played is probably Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for PC – it was just unplayable.

  • What would your dream game be like?

Now that’s a though one. It would definitely need to have an amazing story, full of a diverse and interesting cast of characters, maybe something completely revolutionary with branching story-lines, photo-realistic graphics, adjustable gameplay… definitively something to do with science fiction!

  • Do you have any other hobbies than gaming?

Well, movies and video games are pretty high on the hobby-list, as you might have guessed. I do occasionally read, mostly science fiction, which has lead me to an interest in astrology. Nothing too fancy, but I just find space so fascinating. And if I’m not doing any of these things, I usually write. Screenplays, stories, concepts, characters… anything to keep the creative thoughts going.

  • Where can we see or hear more of you?

I have a YouTube channel, Geek at World’s End, where I tried to do some Let’s Play content, but I unfortunately lost interest. I do hope, now that I have some free time, to reinvent the channel and focus on new content and a more regular schedule. Look for exciting content in January 2016!

Also, if anyone is interested, I do occasionally tweet, @GeekWorldsEnd, and you’re more than welcome to follow me.

  • What would you like to tell the team specifically?

Hi, team of IGDB.Keep doing the awesome job you’re doing. This site is still young, but I already see a lot of potential. You have my full support, and the best of luck into the future. And I’ll glady continue to contribute to the side, as long as you’ll have me. And thanks for asking me to do this interview. Hope you all find this at least a little entertaining.

  • What would you like to tell the community specifically?

I might not be the biggest contributor socially, and I’ll probably never be, but I do occasionally read what’s on the forum and the comment sections on the blog, and I have yet to see a single troll, asshole or unpleasant person. You all seem like nice dudes/dudettes, and keep up that awesome work. I might be that random guy with the most Karma points (I only added some end credits for some games, and then BOOM!!! 10000 poins! IGDB should probably nerf that a bit…) I’ll gladly see any one of you take that crown away from me, not in a “cocky, come at me bro”, but more in a “I’m really not used to being no.1 at anything….”

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