Team Member Spotlight: Krazyjakee

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Member Spotlight: krazyjakee

  • Who are you?

I am Krazyjakee, a 26-year-old web developer from England! I’ve travelled a lot. I code stuff for fun. I like weird food. I am an international jacuzzi champion like my father before me.

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This week’s weird food of choice: American Candy! Here are delicious Twinkies, photographed by Evan-Amos.

  • How does one become an international jacuzzi champion?

Sit in a jacuzzi.

  • Is that you in the gravatar? Where does your username come from?

Oh yes. It’s a photo of me in a stupid hat at my sister’s wedding – I was drunk, I don’t normally wear that kind of stuff… much.As for my username, I’ve been using it since I was eleven years old. A friend of mine had a similar username back then, I thought it was cool, and nabbed it. I am a bit crazy though, so it still fits.

  • What do you do at

I am the lead front end developer, which means that I control what and how things appear on the site. I try to make it as easy as possible for the users to access our information. A project I will soon embark on is the re-work of the interface; afterwards, the website will be both better optimised and more unique!

  • How did you join this project? What keeps you going?

Actually, I wanted this domain myself initially. What I found out was that someone had already created it, and I decided I wanted to help them out and they said sure! Man, they must have been desperate. What keeps me going is the potential we can reach with this project! If I put it very melodramatically, I believe that with this platform we have the power to fix many of the video game industry’s problems. Here we can gather clear evidence on what works and what doesn’t. What do humans really want from video games? We can have an authoritative, community-driven standpoint that the industry can draw from.

  • What are you hoping to see on the site in the future?

I’m looking forward to our new design, I want to see what the website looks like in a year or two! We will be testing the limits of what can be done, even on the scale of the internet as a whole. It’s an exciting challenge. I’m also looking forward to our community growing bigger and hopefully igniting deep conversations on individual video games.

  • Have you worked with other projects that have to do with games, beyond

I am mentioned in the credits as a designer for a game called Bio Blocks! But otherwise, not really. Nothing exciting that has to do with games.

forum imageI was the concept designer for Bio Blocks, not the graphic designer. I can’t draw at all!

  • What video games do you play? Any favourite game? Any game you hate?

Actively I play Dota 2, Counter-Strike: GO, Broforce and Rocket League. As well as the GoldenEye source mod for Half-Life 2. I am also eyeing up Squad, which is currently in alpha and looks pretty awesome. I have a complicated relationship with Dota 2, I hate it with a passion, but it’s just too much fun to play. An all-time favourite, though, would be The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (and The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask). An incredibly rich experience I’d recommend to anyone.

  • Anything you want to tell the community specifically?

Keep doing what you’re doing. The IGDB team are very lucky to have you by their side. Just keep doing your thing.

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