Weekly Dev Notes 20/10/15

    forum image

    • Various issues with images have been fixed. Strange sized images in search results and credits pages have been restored to their proper size. An image issue where the cover for Forza was displayed on a number of games it did not belong to, has been fixed.
    • An uploading bar has been added to the company form.
    • Voice actors of a video game are now grouped together on the same page.
    • Forum indentation has been decreased, so that threads can be longer than before. We are continuing work with this feature.

    Weekly Dev Notes are a feature where the community is updated weekly on small issues and breakthroughs by the team. Blog posts about big changes and updates are more sporadic, but will continue to take place as usual in addition to the Weekly Dev Notes. Dev Notes are uploaded each Tuesday and our other weekly feature, the Member Spotlight, each Friday.

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