Database Weekly Dev Notes

As the site is growing and our community is getting bigger and bigger, we are launching two weekly features that aim to make the team’s communication with our users more frequent and transparent. Although blog posts about big changes and updates will still be taking place as per usual, we want to better communicate our recent progress on smaller updates as well as any hardships that we are currently facing in developing In this feature, we are dedicated to give you weekly development notes from the team.

forum image

  • There are still some problems in image processing but a lot of bugs have been fixed, especially with images uploading correctly. We are continuing to work on the issues and appreciate community feedback on specific problems you are facing with the site and its images.
  • Two new weekly running features are added to the site: Weekly Dev Notes and Member Spotlight. Dev Notes will be released on Tuesdays and Member Spotlights on Fridays.
  • A new help guide for adding information to the site has been deployed.
  • Social activity on the site has recently gone up and daily registrations are growing. We are super excited about this!
  • The team is dedicated to find a way to reward the userbase better, and is looking into possibilities for how Karma points could be used beyond the upcoming badges.

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