Bear with us, converting all the images

Dear Community,

So you have probably noticed there many images showing cogs everywhere on the site. The reason for this is that we are converting all the images, every one of the 24 739 covers/screenshots/company logos etc. we have currently, in order to be able to give you better images than before.

To elaborate on this, we are converting all images to support retina, mobile/tablets and the new image format WebP (both lossless and lossy). The images showing cogs are images waiting to be processed.

We hope that you will really enjoy this once the conversions are completed. Until then, please bear with us.

Ps. On another note you will also probably experience that the site goes a lot smoother now, loads faster etc. We have optimized the the backend like crazy in preparation for our new image system. So please enjoy a bit faster and more good-looking than before! :simple_smile:.

Your IGDB Team

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