Project YOLO Express

Over the last few weeks we have been focussing on bug bashing the platform and improving performance. We had an influx of feedback, bug reports and comments which helped us SO much. It’s really great to hear your ideas and see how the community is shaping things for the better.

Anyway, it’s that time again where we announce our next iteration, project YOLO Express!

Due to popular demand, we have decided this time to focus on Badges. Badges are essentially achievements you get from contributing to IGDB. Badges will be a collectable item organised by tiers (rarity). You can pick any badge you have unlocked to become your “brag badge” which will appear under your account username on your profile.

At the same time as the badge feature, we will also be looking to continue work on our image system and other tasks we have in our backlog. Tackling a single large feature will keep things slick and speedy so expect results soon!

Thanks for your continued feedback and reports, great work as usual,

Your IGDB Team.

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