Database’s API now launched officially

It is with great joy that we are finally able to launch our API officially. For all of our non-developing users, an API makes it possible for other sites and apps to access and use our data. One of the principles behind is accessibility of data. We wish to share the data with anyone who wants to build cool videogame oriented websites, apps and services.This means that the information you contribute to can now be used by other projects as well.

Thus you are not only contributing value to this site but to (hopefully with time) hundreds of other projects as well.For all developers out there that wish to start using our API, please request access here: We are looking forward to see what exciting game related projects you come up with. Happy coding!

PS. Even if you wish to create a similar site to, we will STILL give you access to our API. We are cool dudes and we are not afraid of competition. On the contrary we welcome it as it keeps us humble and on our toes.

PS. We have started to implement API wrappers which makes it easier for you to integrate our API:

This one is maintained by one of our awesome users. Thank you ahmetabdi!


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