Amazeballs Grace

Our grace period is over!

If you didn’t already know, between “iterations” we use grace periods to polish things, bash bugs and plan our next course of action. This short period just came to an end and we would like to announce our next features!

First up is the “Friends” feature. Those of you who have been around long enough may know that we had something like this a long time ago, but it was scrapped. Now we’re going to nail down a platform on which we will construct a one-stop-shop for you and your gamer buddies. Step one is to enable you to follow others activity, become friends and be notified of changes. We will also be looking into steam integration and all the awesome sauce that comes with that.

Secondly, the “Karma Hunter” page will allow you to mine for karma by showing you all the games that have information missing. You can track your progress here, find your place on the leaderboard and help fuel the IGDB fire.

Once again, the feedback we have received in recent weeks from our users has been extremely valuable. We will continue to review all feedback we receive during this iteration, so if you have any ideas, don’t hesitate to send them our way.

Your IGDB Team.

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