10,000 Games!

Woah, we just hit our target of 10,000 unique game titles! This is an amazing achievement that we have been aiming at for a long time now. Thanks to all the contributors for their awesomeness.

As we continue to work on the advanced search, we are also looking at ways to improve life for the contributing members of IGDB. We’re looking into features like “keeper status” for the most active contributors who will be able to quickly accept or discard changes with a single flick of their karma wands. We are also testing a “karma corner” where any user can go to quickly find data that we are missing. I’m personally looking forward to this so I can watch a load of gameplay videos as well as add them to the database.

You don’t have to collect Karma, but in doing so you are investing in us so that one day we can ALL reap the benefits.


Your IGDB Team.

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