Next feature iteration announced

After a very successful launch with almost 100k unique visitors and 2000 new users we feel that the time has come to add more features.

For those of you that are new to; the site is being developed in iterations where we add three new things in each iteration. After the iteration is complete, we begin a grace period where we evaluate how the new features are being used and fix bugs and optimize things in general.

For this iteration, we have chosen to add features that we know that many of you have missed for a while:

  • Advanced search: Many of you have asked for advanced search capabilities when searching games.
  • Want to play/Playing/Played-buttons and lists: Based on popular demand, you have spoken and we are listening.
  • Sharing features with short URL’s and OEmbed: Share content to the rest of the web in an easy and convenient manner.

That’s it, stay awesome and keep sharing your ideas and feedback!

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