Boom, we are live!

It is with much joy that we can finally proclaim that has gone live and open beta!

This is something that we have worked extremely hard for, for a very long time.

The goals of our closed beta was always to to validate the concept and find out if people really want a And together with our users start building the foundation to the database. Now we believe that we have achieved both goals and we are now looking forward to take to the next level together with our awesome community of Gamers.

We wish to thank all of our 1134 beta users! You have been absolutely amazing; sharing ideas for new features, reporting bugs, providing us with valuable feedback and adding info about games and game companies. Without you this would not have been possible, and we really mean that. Your dedication to the project have inspired us to work hard, and motivated us to struggle on through difficult times. And for that we will be forever grateful. as you see now is far, far from complete. It is but an embryo of our vision. Now we are entering into a new phase and together with our community we will proceed towards the goal of creating the best Game site on the web; improving design, fixing bugs and adding features along the way.

Next week we will start a new iteration and implement new features, which will be disclosed soon.

But for now,
Welcome home fellow Gamer, we hope that you enjoy Open Beta!

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