Price Checker & Social Login

As a few of you have noticed, you have a fancy new price checking feature on some games (eg . You can click on the “Follow price changes” button to add it to your watch list and when the price changes by at least 10% then it will send you a notification at the top of the website. Pretty cool!

We have currently integrated GOGs ( and are in talks with other stores about more integrations. Our current plans for the future of this feature include localisation of pricing (when available) and a better notification system for price drops.

Ok, so next up there are the social log in options. On the log in screen you will now see google and facebook buttons, you can use these to automagically register. If you are already registered, no problem, you can connect your social account in your user settings. Rest assured that we have absolutely no interest in the cat pictures and drunken timeline statuses on your facebook or google accounts. We only request some basic information about you such as your name, country, birthdate, gender. If you would like more information about this or have any concerns please either post in the forum or send us a message via the feedback form

We are hard at work on our go-live checklist and at the same time bashing bugs for the live site. Just a few short weeks and the world will finally be able to come in and play with us.

Until then, thanks so much for being such great beta testers, it’s great to hear your feedback and see all your contributions every day, really, thank you guys!

Love, Team.

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