Final Iteration of 2014 Done!

Attention all you pixel-packers and bit-bustin’ bozos! 

One more iteration* is now complete, and here’s the candy:

  1. People and characters are now on, check it out! You can now add and edit the real people who made your favourite game (we owe this to them) and of course those favourite virtual game characters too. Enjoy!
  2. Notifications are now on, and they will check YOU out! We won’t reveal all the secrets that we have implemented to this one, but let’s mention the two important ones: replies to your forum posts and the releases of your hyped games will give an immediate note. Enjoy!
  3. The article feature is now on! Let us know of all the great writings that game bloggers, journalists, academics, and other people have written about your favourite game. Enjoy!

We have already started a new iteration that will focus on these two features:

  1. Social login: you can soon enter via other accounts (Google+, Facebook, Twitter), one-click login!
  2. Buy feature: we will soon offer you a button that should search you the cheapest prices for buying games. Developing this feature will take some time, so the one you’ll see in a moment will be the first prototype.

However, currently most of our time is spent on the preparations of going live and open — hope you’re as excited as we are! The big moment will be in a couple of weeks, so let’s give our best to make this happen in the greatest possible way:

  • The ultimate goal of 1000 users is lacking only 79 new faces; we can do it!
  • The ultimate goal of 10 000 games is lacking 1752 titles; this is a challenge, but together we can do it!

That’s it friends, keep on playing 🙂

– Your IGDB team.

* To our new users: an iteration is a phase during which we implement new features for you to use.

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