The Next Iteration Announcement

Announcement for all you super-testers out there!

We are thrilled to tell you that our long and hard work on the image system is reaching an end. This means that you’ll soon start seeing awesome image qualities on your monitors & mobiles. Meanwhile, let us reveal the core features that we’ve decided to build for the next iteration:

  1. A full implementation of Character/People pages! Every video game character and employee will have their own page that you can edit. In other words, Master Chiefs and Guybrush Threepwoods will come to life! This is what we’ve been looking forward to for years, and now it’s really going to happen!
  2. Notification center! Games that you hype will now notify you of their release, just like forum replies and IGDb announcements etc. We’ll keep adding notification options in the future — please let us know what you’d like to be notified of!
  3. Articles! Got a review of your favorite game you want to share with other users? Know any cool writings about The Witcher, Fez, or Tetris? This will allow you to link or upload cool things so that others can read them. It also has a distinct ’academic’ section so that we can facilitate the work of professional game researchers by offering them lists of previous game-related studies.

Thanks for all of you who submitted suggestions. If your suggestion was not included in the above, it doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten it – those features were chosen because we think they’ll help most in propelling us upwards as we prepare to go live at the end of the year. Other feature candidates will likely be implemented soon after we’ve gone live. Once again, thanks for all your awesome contributions and ideas: they have made everything possible. Please keep them coming, and remember that all feedback is welcome!

Your IGDb Team.

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