The related games feature

You have probably noticed our “Related games” feature by now, located at the top right on every game page.

The related games feature matches games based on our 3 tiered categorization system (genres, themes and keywords). Meaning that the more genres, themes and keywords two games have in common, the more their related rank will increase.

For instance:

Game 1: Fallout 3

  • Genre: shooter, rpg
  • Themes: sci-Fi, action
  • Keywords: post-apocalyptic

Game 2: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

  • Genre: shooter, rpg
  • Themes: survival, action
  • Keywords: post-apocalyptic, russia

These games will be matched with a 80% match index.

Now we need your help in improving it. You can help us improve the matching of games by adding same keywords to games you consider to be related.

As you can see the related games feature will continue to improve with time and with your contributions of genres, themes and keywords.

We will continue to improve the related games feature in the future, allowing you to customize what kind of games that are shown as related.

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