New Design

Great news fellow gamers… the new design is out! We don’t want to spoil you all the fun of discovering these betterments yourselves, but since you’ve probably already done that here’s a brief list of some highlights:

  1. First, let’s give a silent three seconds to honor all those gazillion bugs that fell in the battle.
  2. To the loot, then. On the general visual level, what you now see is something we call flatty style: the interface is more simplified so that you can visit us smoothly also with a slower connection rate, e.g. when traveling.
  3. Your profile page has been updated with an activity tab so that you can check all the stuff you’ve been doing in the forum and so on. We’ll keep on improving this one.
  4. Games have engines! This means you and me are about to enter the mysterious universe of infinities and unities.
  5. Games have release status! This means you and me can now differentiate between alphas, betas, and other game versions by fancy Greek alphabet.
  6. Finally, release dates have regions! This means you and me will be soon contributing to world peace by giving all regional releases the respective credit they deserve.
  7. As an extra: as you visit the game page take a look at the right side where is our new related games system. It calculates all game data to inform you of similar games that you might not have played yet. This one probably needs some further optimization (read: tell us).

Our journey towards the big day (going live) continues, and your help is super important. Please give us all the feedback you can ever come up with, even the smallest annoyances matter. And be as critical as possible, don’t be afraid to say if you don’t like it. The more you bug us the more we like you!

Your IGDB team

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