List feature explained

On the previous iteration we had implemented a list feature. That means you can create, edit and modify lists of games.
We had a meeting with our top contributor “Zuperfly” to get inside information about what works and doesn’t work for power users like him.
So lets talk about the list feature and how it works. The idea is that a user can create special lists  of games. You start with 2 generated lists “Rated” and “Hyped”. These are private by default, you can make them public in the options.
You can go to your lists by clicking the user icon on the top right and select “Your lists” from the dropdown menu. Here you can create new lists or modify an exiting one. A list can be private or public, you can enable numbering so you can sort your games with numbers.
Have fun creating lists and we look forward to seeing what you guys can come up with!
If you have feedback or ideas don’t hesitate to contact us directly, or even join our Discord server!

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